Thursday, May 6, 2010

M(a)y Jewelry Clearance Sale!

Hey Everyone!

I don't normally advertise on my blog, but I thought this news is worthy to be posted here.

My Etsy shop, Beadsforpeace is having a jewelry clearance sale this month! Almost half of the jewelry stock are 25% off (38 items to be exact). Once they are sold, the design of that particular item will be discontinued (unless you beg me nicely which works... sometimes...). So if you like anything you see, get them quick before they are gone completely! Price starts as low as US$5.25 through to US$30 (not including postage). All jewelry are dreamed up by my little big brain and lovingly handmade by my 2 little hands, so it's a real bargain right?

This sale ends by the end of this month (Tuesday May 31st). This is my first clearance sale eversince I first opened the shop in 2008, so I don't do this very often at all! Feel free to contact me in whatever way pleases you or post a comment on this blog if you have any questions!

Here's a link to the clearance item list:

Looking forward to hear from you! :D

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  1. I can't wait to wear your A Foggy Day Necklace :) Wow what a Beautiful Necklace :)
    Thank you,