Monday, April 5, 2010

Wrapping Briollettes

I’ve decided to give beading a little break in the next couple of weeks as I try to make more effort in preparing my wedding. I usually try to add new designs every week, so after this week I will only list new things whenever it comes along. Custom orders and the shop will still be stocked.

I’ve planned to combine my drawing and computer skills together to create pictures and logos for the wedding. I still need a lot of practice so it will be my priority to do so until I get most of my designs planned and finished.

Though, during Easter weekend, I procrastinate on that idea and ended up beading anyway. I often see beaders in Etsy wire wrap their briolette around and around the top to create some sort of a cap. It looks so nice I want to try making some as well-except I couldn’t find any tutorials on it.

So after a couple of hours playing with wire, trying different techniques until I found one that worked well for me, I finally came to a technique that would give a perfect result. The next day I went to the market to get some Swarovski briolettes (more than I should, as usual), came home and started making jewelry all day. I fell asleep unconsciously in the evening because I was so exhausted – but that's a different story that I will share in a future post.

Enjoy! =)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Chicken

A couple of days ago, I came back home from work finding 600 duck eggs in the kitchen. I’ve never seen that many duck eggs in my life all at once before so it was kindda cool to find them in my own kitchen. The only reasonable explanation for this occurrence is that they’re going to disappear all at once and I shall find them again one by one as Easter approaches.

Well, the next day all the eggs DID disappeared. Today is Easter and some of the eggs made it back, except they all came back with a hen on them. So I guess the ducks didn’t want them and the chickens decided to adopt them. Not just any chickens, they are all smaller than most normal size chickens, have googly eyes, very cute and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. They also double function as a pot mitt.

As it turns out, a family friend of ours (Mrs. Evi- homemaker genius) decided to create these chickens plushy to hand them out to people at church for Easter. They are all handmade by the ladies at church, all 600 on them. It’s a pretty good effort if you ask me.

Happy Easter Everyone! =)