Thursday, October 28, 2010

A very big update

It’s been exactly 3 months since my last post. A lot of things had happened during those times, that I really wished I had time to blog about, but I guess it will just have to catch up eventually. So, here’s my story in a nutshell:

I have nearly finished my bridal floristry course that I mentioned about in my previous blog. Just before I had my final exam left to do, I have been granted my prospective marriage VISA and it’s time for me to move to Australia and get married! It was a very painful process to get the VISA so it was very big news when I had the green light to move over.

So I packed everything into a container and sent it to Australia. When I got there, I was living out of a suitcase for 1 and a half months and the wedding preparation had been extremely busy and stressful. I’ve been trying to do as much preparation as I can while I’m in Indonesia but lots of them need to be prepared in Australia. I was trying to design and make my own décor and flowers and I got a bit obsessive about the projects, but everyone was very supportive about my crazy ideas and we managed to pull off most of the projects. This is a photo of a bucket of origami paper roses that we made to be use as the table placement.

While that was going on, Greg and I managed to secure a house for our married life and organized our honeymoon trip to Japan. We managed to get there in the end and we visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka as well as visiting our friends in smaller towns at Yamanashi and Yusuhara. Here is a photo of Greg, Me, Yuka and Hoshi in front of Mt. Fuji on a clear day. =)

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little bit more about the things we made for the wedding because it has been a very interesting development. The wedding was a big success, everything went beautifully and the weather was perfect for our outdoor wedding venue. Our wedding video is even featured on Australia’s wedding website:

This video is shoot during the day and is shown in the evening at reception. I think they've done an amazing job, so check it out if you can. And yes, Greg managed to play 'Left for Dead' with his groomsmans just before the ceremony.

And now here I am, sitting in my messy little home with my husband, waiting for the next big thing. Christmas is coming so getting my Etsy shop up and running again would be essential. And wow, I'm still trying to get used to their new look! It’ll be a bit of a challenge with the house still messy and we’re still trying to get furniture inside the house. We have no bed, no microwave, no studio (which will be exciting for me to set up), even our tv is still sitting on top of crates!

The next obvious dilemma for me now is to find a new job. I'm looking to work in a florist, and as far as my searching capabilities can see, there is no positions open in Canberra at the moment. So I'm picking up my courage to face my fears and knock on florist doors to simply drop my resumes in! Wish me luck!

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  1. The real question is:
    Was the wedding day worth all the preparation and stress? (I know the marriage is, but was the show/party worth it?!)


    For furniture -- assuming you don't have money coming out of your ears, check out secondhand shops and eBay (limit your search area to Canberra region). On Tuesdays the Canberra Times runs free Classified listings for ads under $100, so you can get some great deals there.

  2. Hey Mel, yes OF COURSE it was! It was stressful, but that's better than coming out of the wedding and wished that I had done this and that. So I wouldn't change a thing! :D

    Yeah, we're going to furniture shops in Fyshwick tomorrow but we're definitely keeping an eye out for garage sales and the paper classifieds. We have a house inspection in 2 weeks so hopefully we'll get those furniture soon! Will invite you guys over for dinner once the house is more presentable... ;p

  3. LOL, "more presentable"?! You should see our place! :-D

    Don't stress if you don't find everything quickly - it can take time to find things you like that meet your needs. And of course, the financial stress is less if you don't buy everything at once!