Monday, June 28, 2010

Quest for the black bouquet

My mentor Andy held a grand opening for his brand new floral school! To celebrate, he held an exhibition of floral arrangements made by everyone who are willing to put in.

What makes this event even more special is that Andy had incorporated his passion for the colour black in every aspect possible. His new studio is filled with black furniture. Him and his assistants always wear black outfits to work. So it seem natural that the theme of the exhibition would be, "Quest for the black bouquet"

It's very interesting that as a world class florist his favorite colour is seldom found in a natural floral materials. So I guess you could say that this exhibition is a step forward in completing that journey to explore the not-so-obvious possibility.

I was only signing up as a new student the day I got offered to put in a piece for the exhibition. And here is my piece:

I'm so grateful that Andy is open to combine my interest in wire jewelry and plants for this piece. This piece is made out of thick, but light aluminium wire that is wrapped with 5mm black ribbon. (Took me about 5 hours to just wrap the entire wire with ribbon). I decorate it with pearls and garnet with swarovski crystal that sits at the throat area as focal. Just before the necklace is being displayed I worked on putting the fresh baby roses and ivy leaves in incorporate the floral element. Without water, I knew the baby roses will shrivel up after being displayed for a day so I named the piece "Rose Tea Lariat"

I had no time to shop around for fabric to dress the mannequin, but the batik that's been sitting idle in my cupboard for months had proved itself to be useful! =)

Click on this link to see photos of other exhibitors:

Enjoy! =)

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