Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blackberries for the win!

My blackberry bracelet got featured in one of the Etsy treasuries today! This is my first time to be featured and I'm so, sooo happy!!! Somebody out there like my stuff! Yaaay! This treasury looks so mighty delicious! Just staring at it makes me smell blackberries in the air, and blackberries don't even grow in Indonesia. The other items make my bracelet look 10 times better than when it is out of context. O, the power of treasuries. I love, love, looove it!

Thank you so much Sema for adding me! Please check out Sema's shop at www.zuzusworld.etsy.com for her amazing handmade items! :D

Cheers everyone!


  1. I love this tresury and your bracelet is awsome.

    I agree Sema is very talented lady.

    I spent part of my Summer vacation at beautiful island Bali :) in 2000
    Greetings from California !


  2. Gorgeous collection Fionna...Congrats for FP...I agree ZUZU is very talented lady.

    Greetings from Turkey:)

  3. Great Selections !!! Congrats for FP !!!!

    Greetings from Türkiye :))

  4. Oh wow!!! Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate your support! Plus it's SO exciting to hear from people from all over the world! :D

  5. Dear Fionna, thank you so much for featuring me in your lovely blog! I am very honored!

    Thank you so much!