Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Etsy Shop New Look

I'm on my last couple of days of my stay in Australia now. After attending so many weddings week after week and organising my own wedding, I magically understood the wonderful effect of logo and branding. I realize that most weddings have a colour theme that plays a big part to the 'feeling' of the whole occasion. In my opinion, the more consistent the theme is, the better.

I had a simple vision that my logo is going to be a picture of a girl with swirly hair. At first i started drawing on photoshop using my wacom tablet, but that takes waaay too long to get done so I end up drawing by hand and then scanning it in. It didnt take me long to come up with a picture a girl with swirly hair who is surrounded by round beads. Her face expression and body language is essentially relaxed and at peace, which is imporant to the theme of my shop.

My previous banner was a simple picture I took of a canola farm growing next to the poisonous yet beautiful "Padison's curse". I didn't think much about the shop's colour theme, but because I'm used to seeing the sky blue, purple and yellow from my previous banner, I decided to keep those colours in my new banner. I also decided to use the same font of writing.

It took me 2 days to design and finish making the banner and print out new name cards. I guess my lack of knowledge in digital art technique affects the amount of time for me to get things done, but it all adds up to an experience so I have no regrets. Plus I really enjoy doing this! My name cards look like this now:

Besides pencil drawing, I use adobe photshop, illustrator and a little bit of to get this done. I have never ever taken any photshop classes, so I google all my questions when I get stuck- which chews up a lot of time. If that didn't work, I tend to reach out to my super helpful IT fiance who knows nothing about photoshop yet always comes back to me with a solution.

... oh man, all this effort! I am quite please with the result though! It's feels soooo good to have a shop identity! Yay, finally...!!! XD

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