Saturday, January 2, 2010

Waking Up to 2010

I’ve been ill for almost 10 days now. I’ve been suffering diseases after diseases and now I’m on my second round of anti-biotic. They’re simple illnesses really, but at one point I forced myself to go to the gym even though I felt horrible. For some reason I thought it’ll make me feel better if I go. The next day at 3am I woke up with a fever, and for the whole day my body couldn’t replace the muscle tissues I broke the day before so I couldn’t move any muscle- except my fingers. My mind is conscious but my body is not functioning. I even thought, “Maybe this is what’s dying like”

And of course, when you’re sick your body doesn’t think of much else to do except trying to get well. And so for a moment, I'm living my life the way I always wanted to live: the laziest way- roaming around this world with a damp mind like a zombie.

Though, yesterday night, I must’ve felt better or something and suddenly my mind decides to start functioning properly again. While Greg was playing some silly addictive game in my room, I found myself staring into the distance saying,

“We’re getting married Greg…”
He just smirked. “Yea, it’s a bit like that isn’t it?”- as in, it doesn’t feel like it’s really happening yet.
“Yeah… we should do something about that…”

After we announced our engagement on facebook, every man and his dog is asking us if we’ve set a date, and we still haven’t start planning anything.

After that my brain decides to run with it and spill absolutely EVERYTHING that I have to do: my Etsy shop, my trip to Semarang, my trip to Australia, my wedding preparation, other people wedding preparations, my job, my private projects, my money…! Then I realize what a blessing it is to be sick and to just be oblivious to these things for awhile. In the past 2 months I have been having trouble sleeping just because my brain won’t hold back.

It’s also really good to wake up to 2010 now. I usually have a New Year’s resolution before the New Year, but this time, I almost completely missed New Year cause I didn’t realize what date it was… and for some reason, so did Greg.

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