Thursday, April 2, 2009

My kind of exhibition

Now this is the kind of exhibition I’m into! The one that allows me to shop!!! It’s completely different than the one in Europe. No one cares if I pop my camera out (though, I still feel conscious about it). And I could ask everyone for their name cards and brochure. I love this, especially looking at traditionally influenced handmade things. They even have people doing demo's drawing batik or making blankets using super cool instruments so traditional that you can't just buy them in a shop.

This is a 5 day exhibition held in Jakarta, exhibiting local art. I had taken a couple of photos with my phone because I forgot my camera. Though, as I was about to upload them, it turns out that I don't have the software to convert the file or something like that... so I only took photos with my camera of the things I've bought. Here are some of the things that I have to give you a tiny glimpse of what was there:

Pictured above here are a pair of batik heels. It’s very beautiful and comfortable, but the best thing about it is the price! Rp 125.000 (US $10.50) for a brand new handmade pair.

Then there’s the handmade flowers, made out of unused corn leaves and coconut tree leaves. Check out those delicate petal waves! They are quite fragile and absolutely not waterproof. Pictured here are small red flowers for Rp.5.000 (US $0.40) and Rp 9.000 (US $0.75) for the larger cream ones. Larger flowers were also available for Rp15.000 (US $1. 25). I reckon the world would be a better place if people can be creative in the things they don’t use like this...

A couple of days later, I went back there with my mum and our family friend, Florence. I love Florence, she’s my no.1 customer next to my mum. =) My mum bought me a pair of silver leaf shaped earrings which were very adorable. It was a little over my budget so I would’t have bought it if my mum was’t around. It was Rp280.000 (US $23.3) for a pair. If I can recall correctly, their jewelry workshop is not too far from here....

Then there’s this precious shirt that I was fighting over with a woman. There’s a batik stand that sells really beautiful shirt in a kimono cut but using batik like patterned materials. One lady there was buying absolutely everything. It was obvious that she was going to re-sell them. I wanted this one shirt so bad and I had to beg her to spare me one of her shopping item. Seriously, she had about a hundred shirts and I had to beg her to spare me one. Anyway... so she did ended up giving it to me. It was a bit pricey compared to the other items they have (Rp 300.000, US $25) and I have to re-cut it because it’s too large for me to begin with, but I just love the cut, pattern and the interesting red so it’s going to be really worth it!

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