Thursday, November 11, 2010

Settling in...

I have to say that it's not that easy to just put up with this much change all at once. Being married, new house, new studio, trying to make new targets…. I thought I'll have a job by now, but so far, I haven't got any call backs. I don't know... maybe it's a good thing to just enjoy my free time.

My days as a housewife have finally arrived. I wash dishes everyday, laundry every week, I try to wake up early to make Greg his sandwiches before he leaves for work and give him his daily dose of hugs when he gets back from work. I watched more tv in these 2-3 weeks then the past 2 years of my life put together. First watching loads of actual tv, and now I’m an Avatar addict (anime Avatar, not James Cameron Avatar). I'm starting to think I can bend certain elements in my dreams... Overall, our first month of married life is great! =)

Applying jobs had been rather exciting. I mean, how is it possible, that when I look online for weeks now, there’s a job opening for floristry in every state of Australia, EXCEPT Canberra??? Now I’m left to knock on people’s door. I've never had to walk into shops and ask for work in my life so it turned out to be a really good experience. I still wouldn't underestimate the first time I had to do it though. I was so nervous and scared I thought my heart was about to pop out of my chest. I've applied to 7 florists so far who told me the same thing, ‘we’re fine now, but we’ll have your resume just in case’. Think it’s time for me to apply for jobs outside floristry hey?

Regarding the house... well... I think it's getting there. We had a house inspection last week. It was quite funny because when the agent came by the house at 9:30 am, I was asleep on the couch in front of the tv! Haha! XD The house were already clean by then so I don't have any problems with it apart from being awkward. The TV is still sitting on a crate and we still don’t have a bed but The inspection was a success regardless. If you see these photos, you can see that the house has well... it's neater...


and after...

And finally... my Etsy shop. My studio is starting to take its shape slooowly, and when I start complaining to Greg that life is starting to get frustrating (usually caused by my inability to prioritize, which caused by lack of pressure to do anything) , Greg said to me, “You should set yourself some goals. What about try to make at least 1 jewelry per day?” I started on Monday, today is Thursday, and I’ve already given up. It’s my fault really, I tried to design and make 1 jewelry per day, and wire jewelry is not exactly simple and straight forward to make. Hm... need to rethink of new strategy...

This is the earrings I started on Monday, and finished on Tuesday arvo... I'm really proud and love the result! Except the earrings are facing on the same direction, so I will have to make the mirror image of this shape to pair these 2.

This is really cool that the internet is moving fast in this country. Should try to sharpen my inner journalist and blog more... :p


  1. Setting a goal for each day is a good idea. Just make sure it's achievable! (if one piece of jewelry per day is too much, what about one every two days? or setting aside time each day to work on jewelry, whether or not it's finished that day?) It doesn't have to be the same thing each day - one day your goal might be some housework that needs attention, another day it might be groceries, another day it might be finishing some in-progress jewelry.

    Or you could try the approach Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother used: each day is assigned a specific task, e.g. laundry, beading, wiring, cleaning, shopping, etc.

    And on the floristry front... perhaps some of those florists will want seasonal help around holidays, if nothing else. You could make yourself available as an extra pair of hands for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. (and pick up something else on the side if you need something steadier!) and then you've got your foot already in the door if there's an opening at that florist. :)

  2. Hey Mel!
    I hand in my resume's to the florist for that reason too. I always told them I don't need a full time job and would like to help out whenever they need. Especially that 2 of the florists are only 10 minute walk from home!