Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wisdom From the Wikipedia Game

My boyfriend and I are going through a longdistance relationship at the moment. So automatically, our activities together are limited to talking on skype, from everything else. It sucks.

One night, he introduced me to this game that we can play together while just being online using wikipidea. What you have to do in the game is this.

One person pick a random topic out of the blue for everyone (eg: piano, blue, rock, etc...)
Then click the “random article” button on the left side of Wikipedea’s page.
The page will come up with a random article.
Then, you will have to click all the blue links on the random article page (not including the ones at the right side of the page) until you end up with the random topic you’ve come up with your head.
The person who finds that page first, wins.

It’s a fun game, I like it. Maybe it’s because I manage to win Greg for a couple of rounds... stuff like that affects my perspective. But anyway, I think I’ve got some insights of life from playing this game.

The random topic we choose in our head is like a goal that we are looking for. The “random article” is like our gifts. This is like the things that you’ve been given and cannot choose in life like our race, our family, talents, etc.... When we click on the blue links of that page, it’s like we’re opening doors that we think would get us to our goal.

When you’re on the way of clicking the blue links, of course you will pick the ones you think may have some corrolation to your goal topic. There are times where the page just takes you to something really really random you just think that you’ve lost, but you found your link! Or there are also times when you think you’re really close, but you dont’ find the one link you’re looking for. However, you will always ended up finding your link, even if you’re slower than everyone else or had to press the back button several times.

I think life is a lot like that in terms of trying of trying to reach your goal. This game opens up my perspective about ‘doors’. I like to live a predictable life, failing to see that there’s doors I can open up and have a look around inside it. Doors I didn’t open because I’m shy talking to new people, lazy to try something out, scared of planes so skip travelling opportunities or trying out volunteering, stuff like that. They could be doors that leads me to my goal, or far from it... depending on what you want and your judgement.

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